Going for Golden Eye, 2017

Shot in 3 days and made for £5000 , Going for Golden Eye is the worlds first video game mockumentary. It was my first film so it has a special place in my heart despite its flaws. Incase you are wondering, no making a film in 3 days is not a good idea haha. 

Making this film as an amateur as my first film was stupidly difficult and really opened my eyes to the process of filmmaking which is all i can think about and want to improve at. Big shout out to any filmmaker who actually gets a film made, you are all warriors. 

It's on Amazon Prime if you wanna watch it or you can buy a blu ray at www.goingforgoldeneye.co.uk for a tenner. I think it's pretty fucking good considering i had no idea what i was doing. 


It has a distribution deal in the US and should be out on dvd in stores apparently, or not, i don't really know anymore.

The lads who made GoldenEye liked the movie too, so that's nice innit.




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Cast & Crew


Daniel Bruce, Chloe Wade, David Burnip, Brendan Barclay, Lindsay Stanger, Bill Blackwood and err the ref blocked me on facebook and i cant remember his name, but he was great in it. I

Crew, lol

Written by, directed by, produced by, edited by, costumes designed by, art design by Jim Miskell. Never again hahaha

Cinematographer Mark Duggan
Sound recordist, Karen Lauke.