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Bringing Back Golden Eye, 2020

Following up on the events of 2017's cult classic 'Going for Golden Eye', Glenn a GoldenEye super fan aims to bring back the World Championships to its former glory via a crowdfunding campaign.

Theres just one problem, iconic 19 time ex champion Ethan 'the Golden Child' Bellend has retired and seemingly disappeared from public life after a failed pop career.  

Joining Glenn on his quest are Kelvin a teen gaming prodigy, Sam a dorky noob and of course the reigning GoldenEye champion, happy go lucky Tom.

Release, Autumn 2020.


Directed by Dan Guest

Written & Produced by Jim Miskell

Assistant Director, Josie Connor

Line Producer, Rob Speranza


Line Producer, Nicole Pott

Director of Photography, Alex Veitch

Editor, Lucas Roche

Costume design, Jim Miskell & Silvia Coroli

Art Department, Jim Miskell & Craig Jenkins.

Daniel Bruce, Gabe Cagan, Harriet Millsop, James Daltry, Bill Blackwood, Ben Mansbridge, Jonny Lindsay, Simon Jennings, Ali Mylon, Paul Joe Osbourne, Sal Wal, Alexander Clark, Ashley Bedford